Adriaan Rowan

Data Scientist and Actuary, i3Actuaries

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I am an actuary with a passion for bringing the insurance industry and actuarial science into the 21st Century world of Data Analytics.

The power of advanced machine learning allows new solutions to be found to traditional actuarial problems. This is because the range of possible approaches has increased and the ability to analyse and find the optimal answers for each is made possible.

As actuaries, I believe we should expand our thinking of the art of the possible and lead the way in developing analytics solutions that are ethical, responsive to the needs and desires of the public and that optimizes the use of a company’s human and intellectual resources. Analytics should not replace actuaries or any other employees. Rather, it should augment our ability to deliver solutions for the problems of the 21st century.

I have worked in London, Nairobi and Cape Town, and I now work as an independent consultant with i3 Actuaries and Consultants, helping companies use their own data to find optimal solutions to the business risks they face.

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Implementing Analytics in Life: An End to End Example of the Application of Machine Learning in a Life Insurance Company

02 September 2020, 09:00 AM
Adriaan Rowan