Mahidhara Davangere V

Actuary & Managing Director, Pramartha Entrepreneur & Actuary in Wider Fields (Finance & Investment, Data Science, Climate) Council Member, IFoA, Deputy Chair (F&I Board,IFoA)

About this speaker

I am currently the Founder and Managing Director of Pramartha (founded in 2010) – an Actuarial Risk Management and Consulting firm with Headquarters in Bengaluru, India with offices in Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, and US. I focus on the wider applications of Actuarial Science like Data Science, Banking, Finance and Investment. I have been advising Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors on exit planning using various actuarial risk modeling techniques. Overall, I have 16 years experience in Research and Financial valuation covering industries like Banking, Insurance and Financial sectors across India, Australia, South Africa and other emerging African markets. Prior to starting my own firm, I worked in Citi Bank, Ocwen Financials and Atom Funds Management.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from Bengaluru University and pursued MBA from Christ University, Bengaluru. Subsequently I also pursued Masters in Mathematics and Masters in Finance & Control (MFC). I qualified as an Associate Actuary from IFoA in 2013 and also as the Associate Actuary of Institute of Actuaries of India.

Professional Volunteering Experience: • Council Member, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), • International Actuarial Association (IAA), Member of Big Data Working Group since June 2017, Banking Working Group since 2018 and Member of Asia Sub Committee (Advise & Assistance) • IFoA Finance and Investment Board, Member (International strategy) since 2015 and Chair for their Global Sub Committee since 2019. I will take over as Deputy Chair, IFoA Finance & Investment Board (from July 2020) • Chairman, Working Group on Wider Areas of Actuarial Science, Institute of Actuaries of India (2017-2018) and Secretary of Advisory Group for Data Science since 2018 • Board Member, Actuaries Without Boarders, IAA (Since June 2020) • Marker for Financial Economics (CT8) and Modeling and Documentation (CA2) in Institute of Actuaries of India (2014 – 2019) • Member of Work stream 3 in MAID Working Party, (2016-2018) • Speaker at IFoA Asia Conference 2016, Kuala Lumpur, IFoA Asia Conference in 2017, Hong Kong, IFoA Asia conference 2018, Bangkok, South Asian Actuarial Conference, IAA Regional Seminar- Singapore, Nov 2019, and Sri Lanka June 2017 and November 2019. Sri Lanka June 2017 and November 2019; Nigeria- May 2019; Zimbabwe Oct 2019


Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skills for Actuaries to Pursue Non-Traditional Roles

03 September 2020, 09:00 AM
Mahidhara Davangere