Mahidhara Davangere

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skills for Actuaries to Pursue Non-Traditional Roles

A Talk by Mahidhara Davangere V (Actuary & Managing Director, Pramartha)

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About this Talk

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skills for Actuaries to pursue Non-traditional roles

This presentation talks about the various roles actuaries can play in non-traditional areas. It describes the importance of Innovation and Research for keeping the Actuarial profession growing. It shows not only the historic evidence of how actuaries have been innovative but also proves that there are several modern actuaries who went the entrepreneurial route and made it big. The key theme of the presentation is to encourage actuaries to pursue non-traditional roles and the importance of Entrepreneurial Mindset along with skill set to do so.

Hope this presentation encourages more Actuarial Entrepreneurs to emerge and pave way for the taking the profession to new frontiers.

03 September 2020, 09:00 AM

09:00 AM - 09:55 AM

About The Speaker

Mahidhara Davangere

Mahidhara Davangere V

Actuary & Managing Director, Pramartha

Entrepreneur & Actuary in Wider Fields (Finance & Investment, Data Science, Climate) Council Member, IFoA, Deputy Chair (F&I Board,IFoA)